Why won't my IRC client connect?



This article is deprecated in favor of https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitter/irc-bridge/-/wikis/Client-configuration



If you visit https://irc.gitter.im you will see some basic instructions for connecting and to get your token. Please make sure you click on the login link on that page to get your token.

Make sure you enable SSL and connect to either port 6667 or 6697. Note the port 6667 is an SSL connection too.

Most problems we see with IRC connections have to do with the server password and how various clients accept the password.

Problems with Irssi

People who have experienced issues with Irssi have solved their problems by editing their .irssi/config with the following:

servers = (
    address = "irc.gitter.im";
    chatnet = "Gitter";
    port = "6667";
    nick = "YOURNICK";
    use_ssl = "yes";
    ssl_verify = "yes";
    autoconnect = "yes";

See this comment for more information or pop into gitterHQ/gitter to see if we can try and help.


Problems with Weechat 

Some people have struggled with Weechat and have solved their issue by using this connection command:

$ /server add gitter irc.gitter.im -ssl -ssl_verify -ssl_dhkey_size=1024 -password=GET_THIS_FROM_IRC_GITTER_IM

See this Gist or pop into gitterHQ/gitter for assistance.

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