What do you do with my GitHub data?


The short answer is very little.

We effectively query GitHub via their API on-demand. This means that little to no data is stored on our servers. We do ephemerally cache this data to memory (redis) for two minutes for performance reasons. This means if actions you take effectively make the same request to GitHub that we won't keep going back to GitHub for the same data for a short period. This makes the app run faster as there's latency in any over-the-network API call.

The only data that is stored to disc are webhook payloads. If you add an integration into a chat room, every time there is activity on that integration, metadata is sent to our servers and displayed in the activity feed on the right side of the application UI.

We do not read, nor write your source code. 



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    Pierre-Yves Gérardy

    If you don't touch the source code on GitHub, why do you request (and I suppose require) write access?

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    Gitter Support

    We only ask for write access to private repos if you want to create chat rooms for private repos. This is because it's the only scope that GitHub has to even read/list/view private repos.

    You can read this article here: https://gitter.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200178971-You-want-write-access-on-my-private-repos-Are-you-insane-

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    Pierre-Yves Gérardy

    Thanks, indeed, this entry seemed to match the problem well enough and I didn't look further...

    You may want to turn "We do not read, nor write your source code." in the answer above into a link to that page.

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