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Lurk mode no longer exists, you read more about our current notification settings here.

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    Alex Popov

    Maybe add a tool tip for what Lurk mode is for, as otherwise one has to search here, in order to know how it works. If there is some kind of hint and I haven't seen it - my bad, sorry :)

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    Jeff Steinmetz

    how do you undo lurk mode? same thing /lurk

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    Gitter Support

    Ive updated this with instructions on how to undo lurk mode:

    If you want to go back to the way things were, go to the Notifications Settings and change the dropdown to "Notify me for all messages" and deselect "Hide unread message badge".

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    It might be useful to be able to just type /lurk mode again to leave lurk mode. Make it like an on off switch.

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    Caue Rego

    @Canterrain or instead add more modes, such as /watch or classical /away

    +1 for @Alex - there is no hint from my point of view as well, and it would be quite welcomed! Even the "hint" under /lurk isn't helpful at all.

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    Davi Lima

    +1 for Canterrain: /lurk should have toggle behavior. And please make /away as an alias ;) same for /join and /channel The aliases can be hidden from autosuggestion ui, if you prefer the new terms.

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    Davi Lima

    Also /kick vs /remove :)

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