You want write access on my private repos? Are you insane?


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This is another limitation of GitHub's OAuth permission scopes. Believe it not, there is no GitHub API permission that asks for read-only or list access to your private repositories.

The only time we ever "write" to a private repo is to add a webhook integration. We will never, ever modify your code. Ever. Just like you, we're developers and entirely respect the privacy of your code.

Hopefully GitHub will address this in the future by offering more granular scopes.

We've got a longer article on the subject here.

GitHub have also recently introduced the ability to limit the scope of applications to organisations. Take a look here

Alternatively, you can create private channels that are not based on GitHub resources, this way you can create private rooms that don't map to a private repo.  You can read here for more information on this.

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    Pierre-Yves Gérardy

    I only have public repos, couldn't you request write access only for private ones?

    I trust you as an organization to be well intentioned, but it exposes your users to rogue employees and security breaches.

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    Pierre-Yves Gérardy

    Going further, I'm thinking of deploying to NPM from Travis on test success. A rogue push to my repo would also poison NPM (not that it matters much for my anecdotal project).

    The fact that you request write access also paints you as an attack target.

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