Dark arts of the left menu


The left menu lists all of your conversations. It also contains a few cunningly awesome features.

Firstly, understanding how the left menu is ordered is important. Any chat rooms or people that have been favourited will show first, followed by chat rooms where there are unread notifications and finally other chat rooms ordered by the time you last accessed them.

So that's basically:

  • Favourites
  • Unread notifications
  • Recents

If you click and drag any room below favourites, you can move it up into the favourites list. You can also explicitly order favourites by dragging them around.

Items below the favourites cannot be ordered as they are ordered by unread or recent activity.

You can also drag a room out of favourites. This will remove it from your favourites and it will automatically be positioned in the list below based on when it was last accessed as per all of the other recent rooms.

It is also possible to remove a room from this list. If you receive message notifications for all messages in a room and you remove it from the left menu, it will reappear for every message that is typed in that room. If you no longer wish to receive notifications from that room, you should either leave that room (/leave command) or change notifications to @mentions only. If you then remove that item from the list, it will not appear again unless somebody mentions you in that chat room.


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    Remi Rampin

    How do I show the list of all the rooms I'm a part in? (if I used the "hide" button on some rooms)

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